Ryan Hudson

Director and Electrical Engineer

Mobile: 0478 633 573

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-hudson-4289894b/

Email: ryan@blue-sky.com.au

This is a pic taken of me when I was in Prague enjoying a break with my family.

About Ryan

Experienced leader with a demonstrated history of successfully & safely delivering excellence in operational performance in the energy industry. Skilled in Leading Teams, Asset Management, Safety Management Systems, Power Systems Engineering, Project Management, and Transforming Business Operations.

The core objective of my career is to work with people to make a better world for all of us to enjoy. In practical terms, this means applying my skills with organisations that constructively serve our community. Going beyond customer expectations, reliably delivering outcomes and safely looking for better ways to do things; I value working with people, whether they are leaders, customers or team mates, in ways that are inclusive, positive, collaborative and energetic.

Working as director and electrical engineer at Blue Sky, my proven ability to deliver results in the energy sector is being applied to development of infrastructure that will support the renewable energy revolution.

Why Blue Sky

Blue Sky days are an Australian icon, and a great resource.

And even as climate change impacts are showing up as droughts, floods and fires... we need some hope and some optimism, we need some Blue Sky Thinking

These clear endless skies, bright blue sunny days, they are characteristic of our Australian lifestyle, which we celebrate and enjoy whether mowing the lawn, having a body-bash at the beach or a beer at a BBQ. They are also great days for harvesting energy. This is why Blue Sky Australia exists, to support the transition of our electricity network toward future focused energy supply, making our Blue Skies a positive for everyone.

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